Puke Ariki Pā Image. Edwin Harris.jpg

Puke Ariki Pā (view from west, between seashore and Mangaotuku Stream) Edwin Harris, 1844 (Collection of Puke Ariki A64.821)

This NEW walking educational lesson is an overview of Polynesian and European settlement in Ngāmotu/ New Plymouth. This walk shares some of the oral stories of mana whenua, quirky tales and powers struggles that lead to years of conflict and land confiscation during the 1800’s.


Intermediate and Secondary Students (Y7 – Y13)

As a part of this walk a selection of historical sites will be visited including the former Puke Ariki and Pūkākā Pā, plaques and memorials. Supporting historical photographs and maps will be shown to help narrate the story.
Designed to support the local history curriculum.

Social Sciences: This topic covers elements of Social Studies
Achievement standards linked to this topic
NCEA History: Levels 1 - 3

Puke Ariki Museum
Weather permitting
Year level
Senior students (Year 11 – 13)
Junior students (Year 7 - 10)
1 hour and 30 minutes
Free for Taranaki students, $5 per students for schools outside of Taranaki